Argan Oil Furcare 60ml

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If you want your dog to be as happy and as healthy as they can be, then you absolutely should be taking care of their skin and coat.

Tangled fur can cause your dog skin problems, as it's difficult to brush out matted areas without tugging - and in turn - damaging the skin. This can lead to severe irritation and rashes - with shaving the fur the only option if it gets to that stage.

The solution? Argan oil!

We know the benefits of argan oil for us humans, but did you know it's fantastic for them also as it protects their skin, whilst keeping their coat healthy, shiny and smooth.

Use just enough to rub through their coat to prevent matting and tangles, allowing much easier brushing, which will keep them looking and feeling amazing!

Also use on their paw pads to help moisturise, soften cracks and remove dryness.

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